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THIS COURSE WILL COVER THE INFORMATION YOU WILL NEED TO RENEW YOUR NEW MEXICO CONCEALED CARRY HANDGUN LICENSE This New Mexico Concealed Carry Online Course will take 2 – 3 hours to complete and will be one lesson with varied topics for the lesson. You can stop and start the course at any point and when you resume your training you will start at the point where you left off. Once the Online portion of the course is complete, you can contact us so that we can schedule you to attend a mandatory range qualification portion of the course. When you begin this course you will be given an opportunity to download the latest PDF copy of the New Mexico Concealed Carry Manual. To begin your training please select LESSON ONE – NEW MEXICO CONCEALED HANDGUN CARRY ACT OF 2003 to begin the course. NOTE: GOOGLE CHROME OR MICROSOFT EDGE ARE THE RECOMMENDED BROWSERS FOR USE ON THIS TRAINING WEBSITE.


Owner and Lead Instructor

I have been teaching firearms training since 1974 and I have taught thousands of individuals from High School students to senior citizens. Some of the classes I have taught include Hunter’s Safety (CA, UT, and NM) Hunters Education (Germany), and Hunters Education and of course Concealed Carry in New Mexico. My concealed carry classes include live-fire handgun training at an approved shooting range. This Concealed Carry class will give you the fundamentals you will need to pass the classroom portion of the New Mexico Concealed Carry renewal course and along with the live-fire range training, the skills you will need to renew your New Mexico Concealed Carry license. New Mexico DPS Concealed Carry Instructor number 556.
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