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This is the online refresher course used and approved by the New Mexico Department of Public Safety

Please note: per NMSA 29-19-6(H) 2-hour refresher courses are to be taken 22-26 months after the issuance of your concealed carry license. Once you finish this course consisting of one lesson with 16 different topics and complete the quiz, you will be provided a completion certificate. Print the completion certificate and take or mail the certificate to the Department of Public Safety (Concealed Carry Unit) as proof of the 2-year refresher course completion. The 2-year refresher must be completed before you can renew your License.

Course Overview

Licensure Duration Qualifications Dis-qualifiers Suspensions/Revocation Appeals Reciprocity CCW Laws Changes to NMAC Rules Military/Law Enforcement/Mounted Patrol Administrative Submitting your CCW renewal application Fingerprinting Firearm Safety Safe handling of single- and double-action revolvers and semiautomatic handguns Safe storage of handguns and child safety Safe handgun shooting fundamentals Federal, state and local criminal and civil law pertaining to the purchase, ownership, transportation, use, and possession of handguns Techniques for avoiding a criminal attack and how to control a violent confrontation Techniques for nonviolent dispute resolution Lesson Quiz Course Certificate

Course Instructions

This course will cover the information you will need to meet the New Mexico Concealed Carry Handgun License 2 Year refresher training Certification. This New Mexico Concealed Carry Course will take approximately 2 Hours to complete online and will be covered in the following lesson with 16 varied topics for the lesson. Once the Online portion of the course is complete you will be able to print out a course certificate and submit it to the Department of Public Safety as proof of course completion.
When you are ready to proceed with the lesson, select the lesson topic below starting with Topic 1 through 16. Please take all the lesson topics in their numeric order. Once you finish reading a lesson topic press the MARK COMPLETE button to complete the topic and you will be taken automatically to the next topic. Once you complete a lesson topic the Incomplete under the topic will change to Complete. When you complete all the lesson topics, complete the quiz at the end of the lesson. Once you have completed and passed the quiz, you will be able to view and print the course completion certificate. You must turn in the Course Completion Certificate into the NM DPS Concealed Carry Unit as proof of 2-year refresher training completion.